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Gender Equality in Tech

In 2019, Dr. Debora Sijacki, a computer cosmologist at the University of Cambridge, was awarded the PRACE Ada Lovelace Award for her remarkable contribution to the field of High-Performance Computation. The award, named after Ada Lovelace, who was considered as the first programmer in human history. Ada was truly a visionary and her insightful findings have paved the way for modern programming and she is indeed an inspiring figure for innumerable women who later went on to invent one of the finest creations of mankind. Grace Hopper, who garnered worldwide acclaim as the ‘Mother of Computing’ for her incessant toil in devising UNIVAC 1, the first business-oriented machine, her work as one of the lead architects in invented ‘COBOL’,  is second to none.

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ChatBots: An Application of Big Data

‘Whatsapp Launches World Health Organization Chatbot to answer COVID-19 Queries’ read a news headline as I was frantically skimming articles amid the Coronavirus outbreak. A burst of sudden hysterical laughter broke my attention. It was my brother, sitting on the couch alongside me, watching PewDiePie videos. As I went closer, it was one of his videos, where he chats with ‘EvieBot’ by asking her super-weird questions and in return getting amusing replies. It's really fascinating how chatbots have revolutionized the way computers and humans interact. According to estimates, more than 67% of consumers worldwide used a chatbot for customer support in the past year and around 85% of all customer interactions will be handled without a human agent by 2020.

Recent Advances in Space Research

From lauding ISRO for their incessant toil in ‘Chandrayaan-3’ mission to planning the prospects of future in space with ‘Gaganyaan 2022’ mission, space research has forged ahead unlike anything. From embedding ‘Artificial Intelligence’ in humanoids and sending them into space to launching applications for geospatial navigation, space research is the new buzz. The journey of years of persistent research has proved to be fruitful when we witness the heroics of scientists, astronauts, researchers, and many others who have bolstered innovation in the field of ‘Space’.


Who gains from this  pandemic? Is it HUMANS or NATURE?

It all began by PM Narendra Modi urged our countrymen to showcase their message of honor and appreciation towards the emergency workers by assembling at their balconies and clapping their hands, ringing bells, or beating vessels. This idea of community clapping not only acted as a sign of felicity towards the innumerable doctors, nurses, policemen, cleaners and others who have burnt the midnight oil to ensure the well-being of our fellow citizens but also was a renaissance of kinship, cooperation and a strong sense of harmony among the masses. The concordial gesture marked just the beginning of the nation’s crusade against this pandemic and since then there is no looking back.

Important truths begin as outrageous, or at least uncomfortable, attacks upon the accepted wisdom of the time

Sometimes, the truth is stranger than fiction. But,who decides what is true and what is false. What differentiates the right from the wrong. When we ponder over such questions, we need to address them objectively rather than subjectively, not including our own opinions of what needs to be done, or what would I have done in a situation or how do I perceive it.Truth is fact in its purest form. Truth is therefore, a combination of the scientific evidence,which is a result of unbiased experimentation backed by strong research, which is derived from data. And data of an experiment or findings is the driving force in drawing the appropriate conclusions.